Almond Butter Granola

There is nothing better than homemade granola! It’s quick/easy to make, it’s cheaper and it’s so much tastier! You can’t beat that! So I’ve been kind of hoarding all of the Trader Joe’s almond butter granola lately.

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strawberry cobbler

spring is here, and with that comes strawberry season! this strawberry cobbler coudl not be any easier and makes a delicious dessert or breakfast.

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Orange Cauliflower Bowls

Everyone’s favorite orange chicken made with cauliflower instead! But you won’t miss the chicken at all with this heavenly sauce! Guys. I just experienced -18 windchill here in Chicago. And it is cold.

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Eat Grk Beverly Hills @

It wasn’t intentional but on the sad day of Luke Perry’s passing we were headed towards Beverly Hills. Not 90210, but South Sydney’s version of the same name. Apart from an appointment I had, we were looking for somewhere quick to eat.

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Avocado Toast

This colorful avocado toast features crispy prosciutto, slices of fresh tomato, and a drizzle of homemade pesto piled atop of toasted ciabatta bread.

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Sheet Pan Beef and Broccoli

Say hello to the easiest beef and broccoli of your life! No fuss, less dishes, yet it’s 10000x better than take-out. Win-win! Guys. This beef and broccoli doesn’t get any easier. It just doesn’t. It cooks on a sheet pan, which means less fuss and less dishes.

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