Month: April, 2015

Christmas Creme Caramel or Leche Flan

This simplest version of flan or creme caramel is an absolute delight. Crazy easy (just don’t bake it in a fancy tin) you can serve it plain or decorated with adornments. If you love creamy, delicate desserts, promise me you’ll try it because it is such a crowd pleasing dessert, especially at Christmas!

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Eggnog Cinnamon Rolls

Fluffy and light eggnog cinnamon rolls with gooey cinnamon sugar centers and a rich eggnog cream cheese frosting. The perfect holiday breakfast or brunch!

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turkey noodle casserole

’tis the season, leftover season that is. this turkey noodle casserole is a family favorite my parents have been making a version of this casserole for as long as i remember.  it’s a great way to use up that leftover thanksgiving or christmas turkey when you simply cannot eat another sandwich. for us this casserole …

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Florabundance – A Zucchini Flower Tart!

This sublime ricotta tart with zucchini flowers is something else. I am so excited to share this recipe with you because quite honestly, I thought that it might be too plain, with too few ingredients and that the tart would suffer because of it. But it is such a delectable tart, making use of zucchini flowers that grow abundantly in summer and a few ingredients. And my Dear, Darling Reader, this is a definite pushy recipe.

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Veggie Smugglers: Tomato Hummus

Want a fun way to add even more goodness and flavour to hummus? Try this sun dried tomato version which turns the hummus a terracotta shade and adds so much flavour with the ripe sweetness of tomatoes.

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Ambrosial Apricot Vanilla Jelly Layer Cake

Although apricots are a summer fruit they always seem to appear and then disappear quickly here in Australia so I always make sure to grab them when I can. I bought a large amount of them recently and of course what better thing to make with them but a cake with a surprise inside! I called her Aurora the Apricot Cake.

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