Month: February, 2015

zucchini pancakes – Well Floured

plain or with chocolate chips, you are going to flip for these zucchini pancakes i don’t think i have shared a pancake recipe here in a long time. probably because pancakes are not exactly on my weight watchers plan. i make 0 point pancakes all the time, but i have very little willpower when it …

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healthy zucchini banana bread – Well Floured

Thank you noosa yoghurt for sponsoring this post. Pick up a tub of noosa mates for yourself at a location near you and get ready to experience yum in action. i could not think of a better afternoon snack than a slice or two of this healthy zucchini banana bread   i cannot believe that …

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double chocolate oatmeal cookies – Well Floured

a cookie for the chocolate lover, these double chocolate oatmeal cookies will not disappoint it doesn’t matter how old you are, coming home to cookies warm from the oven is always a welcome surprise. my kids are back to school next week thursday. at first they weren’t ready for summer to come to an end, …

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