Month: July, 2014

Four Delicious Launceston Food Experiences

Flying into Launceston, the plane crosses over paddocks and fields in the Tamar Valley where producers and farmers raise cattle, grow truffles and people churn and culture butter. If you’re visiting Launceston, try these four fabulous foodie experiences and find out where to stay!

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A Taco Party at Taqiza, Bondi Beach!

Taqiza on Glenayr Avenue in Bondi Beach serves authentic Mexican food. Taqiza means “taco party” and true to name, there’s a wide range of tacos available. The restaurant’s chef Pablo Galindo Vargas is a veteran at many of Sydney’s Mexican restaurants and the tiny kitchen is busy cranking out guacamole with chips, Oaxaca cheese fondues and tacos galore.

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A Haunted Sugar Cookie Doll House!

Every year when October rolls around I pounce on Halloween like a cat on catnip. Each year I like to make a centrepiece. This year I did my most challenging project ever: a Halloween sugar cookie doll house complete with four rooms with miniature furniture!

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10 Foods To Hunt Down When You’re in Portland!

Portland is a kinder, gentler version of the world. It’s a place where people ride bikes and liberal attitudes are celebrated. It is also home to some fantastic foods where artisans are celebrated and restaurants serve Pacific North West cuisine. Here are 10 things that you have to tick off your list when you visit Portland!

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low carb lemon poppyseed quick bread – Well Floured

let me start by saying that this is the best lemon poppyseed quick bread. not just the best low carb lemon poppyseed  quick bread, it is the best lemon poppyseed quick bread. ever. forget about that loaf from your favorite coffee spot. i know it’s october and everywhere you look it’s pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin. i …

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Dr Death’s Sushi Brain For Halloween!

Hello ghouls! I’m so excited that it’s October and almost time for Hallowe’en! Please allow me to present my first offering to you this year: a ghoulicious brain sushi hiding a chive cream cheese stuffed avocado and covered with smoked salmon slices and caviar. Serve with “Ashes of Vampire” aka soy sauce!

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